Fruit of the apricot tree, tree of Rosaceae family, rounded, with yellow-orange skin and reddish hues. Its meat, juicy and sweet, has a floury consistency when the apricot is very mature.

Fruitoni produces two varieties of apricot:

  • Wonder Cot: Its precocity, caliber, hardness and good taste quality, result in an incomparable fruit. Their regular productivity and agronomic potential will make this variety indispensable at the consumers’ fridges.

Taste quality: good flavor. Juicy Fruit. (12 ° Brix)

  • Magic Cot:  A new precocious variety of extraordinary qualities, it is a fruit with a large caliber, very attractive red-pink color, good hardness and very good quality.

Taste quality: good flavor. Sweet and juicy fruit. (13 ° Brix)

Production calendar: