Apricot is an early summer fruit with a delicate fragrance and attractive orange skin and a velvety touch. Its flavor allows us to taste a juicy, firm pulp with a delicious sugary flavor. Everything in it is suggestive, pleasant and nutritious. Our varieties: Wonder Cot Magic Cot Production Calendar


Nectarines are variants of the peach collected during the summer. They have a high water content. Carbohydrates are the second major nutrient, and contain only protein and lipids. Among the minerals, its contribution of potassium is noteworthy, although others also present such as magnesium and phosphorus. As for vitamins, nectarines has vitamins A, C, B3 and Read more about Nectarine[…]


Platerine is a variety of peach. Aesthetically, it could be defined as a flat nectarine. Platerine is a sweet fruit, with a good perfume and a very close flavor to Paraguay. Its texture when biting is crunchy and its high water content makes it very juicy. It stands out for its content in Vitamin C, Read more about Platerine[…]


Pear is rich in potassium, which has vasodilatory effects. It helps to regulate blood pressure and to reduce the chances of developing cardiovascular illnesses. In addition to its availability and flavor, the pear is also important for its medicinal properties, effectives for thousands of years. Regular consumption of this fruit brings a lot of benefits Read more about Pear[…]


Peach is a good source of vitamins and dietary fiber. Due to the high percentage of water it contains and its low intake of sugars is indicated in slimming  diets and glucose controls as it only has 39 calories per 100 grams of weight. The low caloric value of the peach is given by its high Read more about Peach[…]